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Blog posts of '2017' 'September'

Make Work Time Family Time

With the kiddos back in school, you’re back into the swing of things. Is your home equipped to accommodate your busy work schedule and homework time? HW Home has you covered with the work-at-home essentials to turn those busy evenings into family time. We can create a warm room that welcomes and sparks the imagination. Let’s begin with some basic pieces and design elements.


The key to a successful joint work session with the kids (besides the obvious: chicken fingers and crayons) is to provide ample space to complete essential job tasks without sacrificing a comfortable homework nook for the little ones. Splitting your office or living area into sections allows for personal space and the freedom to spread out. If you feel overwhelmed about how to get started, check out our “Homework Corners” Pinterest board for some inspiration.


When you find the ideal design, dive in by choosing a desk. Every family-friendly work space begins with a great desk to inspire your little ones to achieve educational greatness. Our Drop Front Desk Classic exhibits an air of confidence and a casual touch of glamour. Its sturdy build makes it perfect for wear and tear of a little one. Vibrant colors and patterns will be a hit with the children and will complement your own eclectic style. These striking Lyon Arm Chairs are comfortable and pair flawlessly with a variety of our desks.


Now that your room is decorated perfectly it’s time to get organized!


If you’re turning a multipurpose room into a joint workspace for the whole family, you definitely need to consider storage. HW Home has a range of size and style options to blend seamlessly with your home’s current interior. If you’re looking for a more child-friendly option, try our Tic-Tac-Toe Bookcase. Its whimsical nature will appeal to the kids  and it’s a convenient spot to store all your work/life essentials. Baskets are another great method for storing art supplies, papers, and homework necessities. Putting things away after the family has completed work for the evening will provide the kids with a sense of accomplishment and responsibility.


No matter where you choose to create your family-friendly work spaces, HW Home can select home decor staples that best suit your needs. If you need additional assistance, please visit one of our stores and we are glad to assist.