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Roberta Schilling's Isla Swivel Chair

Let’s talk about Roberta Schilling and the Isla Swivel Chair


A native of Brazil, designer Roberta Schilling has been surrounded by an inspiring environment her entire life. She hails from a family of designers and grew up in Minas Gerias, a hub of colonial architecture and culture. 

Schilling was at the forefront of thinking green, using organic materials, and upcycling. Her production methods and pieces reflect her passion for the environment and conservation. Roberta encourages everyone to find products that evoke happiness within them while not overusing resources. She wants you to be true to your style and buck trends.


This is art, not simply furniture.


Roberta describes the Isla as delicious, casual, and elegant. This little beauty is a hybrid of Scandinavian simplicity, with a mid-century modern flair. Its clean lines could find a home in a living room, home office, or reception.

You can also visit us to customize the Isla Swivel Chair in several fabrics and wood finishes, all the way from the back to the swivel.

Customize yours today! 

Designer Spotlight by Annie Simmerman