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Re-Opening Letter

Holiday Gift Guide

The season is upon us to celebrate friends and family!

Shop our curated GIFT GUIDE and stores for items that will let the ones you love know just how much they mean to you. These items are also a perfect way to add flair to your own home just in time for holiday entertaining.

Either sink into your cozy sofa and shop from home or visit one of our beautiful showrooms to find those special gifts. Our certified design consultants are waiting to help you check everyone off your list!

Roberta Schilling's Isla Swivel Chair

Let’s talk about Roberta Schilling and the Isla Swivel Chair


A native of Brazil, designer Roberta Schilling has been surrounded by an inspiring environment her entire life. She hails from a family of designers and grew up in Minas Gerias, a hub of colonial architecture and culture. 

Schilling was at the forefront of thinking green, using organic materials, and upcycling. Her production methods and pieces reflect her passion for the environment and conservation. Roberta encourages everyone to find products that evoke happiness within them while not overusing resources. She wants you to be true to your style and buck trends.


This is art, not simply furniture.


Roberta describes the Isla as delicious, casual, and elegant. This little beauty is a hybrid of Scandinavian simplicity, with a mid-century modern flair. Its clean lines could find a home in a living room, home office, or reception.

You can also visit us to customize the Isla Swivel Chair in several fabrics and wood finishes, all the way from the back to the swivel.

Customize yours today! 

Designer Spotlight by Annie Simmerman

Ron Werner’s Family Latke Recipe for Chanukah

HW Home’s own Ron Werner cooks up a storm of Chanukah tradition each year. So we asked him to share his family recipe for potato latkes.

Chanukah literally means “consecrate” or “dedication,” and it celebrates the rededication of the Second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem after the Greek Syrians desecrated it around 165 BCE.

One of the key elements in the Temple, and in all synagogues, is the eternal flame. A small group of fighters called the Maccabees (which translates to hammer)—led by the five sons of the Jewish priest Mattathias—waged a three-year revolt that culminated in the cleaning and rededication of the Temple. At the end of their process, they found very little oil left to keep the eternal flame lit. And though the true miracle of Chanukah is the victory over a larger enemy, we also celebrate the miracle that a scant supply of oil burned until it could be replenished eight days later.

That is why we celebrate Chanukah by cooking food in oil. The potato latke probably emerged as an affordable tradition when many Jews were living meagerly in Eastern Europe, Russia and Poland. Latkes are actually few and far between in Israel. The Israeli tradition is to serve sufganiyot—doughnuts cooked in oil.

I’m happy to share our family recipe, as passed down by my mother:

Yield – 1 dozen larger latkes


  • 2 eggs
  • 4 large Idaho potatoes– (each potato will yield about two latkes)
  • 1 large yellow onion
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic (optional)
  • Tablespoon of flour, matzo meal or a similar gluten free bread crumb or rice flour (can be omitted for gluten free folks)
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 2-4 cups of vegetable or canola oil

Beat eggs in a bowl and set aside. Grate potatoes and onions (I prefer by hand, but a food processor is ok) making sure to use a short shoestring-like grater. Do not pulverize nor grate too finely. As you grate, you may notice water buildup in the bowl. This is from the potatoes. Drain the water as much as possible —water and hot oil are not a good mix.

Add potatoes and onions to bowl of beaten eggs, mix until a batter forms. Add a teaspoon or so of salt, and more after cooking. Add a dash of pepper. Feel free to use a little garlic, or nutmeg to taste (I add garlic, my mother adds nutmeg). Add ½ teaspoon of baking soda. (I never do this! But it is part of my mother’s official family recipe…an example of how traditions morph while remaining true to their spirit.)

Heat up your oil in a deep frying pan—enough oil that the latkes will be submerged while they cook. As a side note, frying latkes will make your house smell for days, even if you have the exhaust fan running. Some people get an electric pan to use outdoors, or do the frying using a side burner on the outdoor BBQ/grill. I like to get some onions cooking up in the oil to season it. Test the heat of the oil with a small dollop of batter—if the oil is hot enough, it should sizzle as soon as it is dropped in.

Begin frying using a large spoon to pour each latke into the hot oil. Cook for a few minutes, allowing the latkes to take shape, brown, and firm up. Flip each one carefully. Each latke will take 4-7 minutes to cook fully. I prefer mine more well-done. Using a large, slotted spoon, remove latkes from the oil and set them on brown paper grocery store bags to drain the oil from the latkes.

You can cook hours before serving and reheat in the oven at 325-350 degrees, or serve them as you cook. I suggest offering applesauce and sour cream as toppings. Some Eastern European communities serve a meatball or goulash to top. My sister always offers an impeccable batch of her world famous matzo ball soup with her Chanukah meal. That recipe will come on another day.

Enjoy and happy Chanukah!

The HW Upholstery Sale Will Transform Your Home

Our upholstery sale is in full swing! If you're unsure about which pieces will fit perfectly into your home, HW Home's own Director of Visual Merchandising, John Wright, dives into three pieces that lend themselves well to a custom upholstery treatment.

"Sawyer Orbit Chaise: This piece from our TRUE collection gives a lot of opportunity to be designed in the most comfortable fabric of your choosing. Made for two but perfect for lounging alone as well, most people choose soft plush upholstery to apply to the chair.

Our semi-annual upholstery sale is a great time to order new dining chairs. One of my favorite chairs to recommend to the customer who wants to design something unique is the Andreas dining chair. The chair has a an outback panel that is framed in wood while the seat and front back are fully upholstered. Most people either choose a patterned fabric for the body of the chair and a solid fabric for the outback panel, or vice versa. One can have a lot of fun designing this for their home.

Many of our customers take advantage of our sale to personalize new occasional chairs for their living room.  Chairs are often easier to replace for most consumers than sofas are. I think that chairs freshen up a space and make it seem like new even if the other components in the room are not. The Hunter chair is full of personality. It can be dressed up, dressed down, or made into a real show stopper. The opportunities are endless."

Stop into one of our HW Home locations to discuss your options with a design specialist. We're here to help you with all of your interior design needs.

Make Work Time Family Time

With the kiddos back in school, you’re back into the swing of things. Is your home equipped to accommodate your busy work schedule and homework time? HW Home has you covered with the work-at-home essentials to turn those busy evenings into family time. We can create a warm room that welcomes and sparks the imagination. Let’s begin with some basic pieces and design elements.


The key to a successful joint work session with the kids (besides the obvious: chicken fingers and crayons) is to provide ample space to complete essential job tasks without sacrificing a comfortable homework nook for the little ones. Splitting your office or living area into sections allows for personal space and the freedom to spread out. If you feel overwhelmed about how to get started, check out our “Homework Corners” Pinterest board for some inspiration.


When you find the ideal design, dive in by choosing a desk. Every family-friendly work space begins with a great desk to inspire your little ones to achieve educational greatness. Our Drop Front Desk Classic exhibits an air of confidence and a casual touch of glamour. Its sturdy build makes it perfect for wear and tear of a little one. Vibrant colors and patterns will be a hit with the children and will complement your own eclectic style. These striking Lyon Arm Chairs are comfortable and pair flawlessly with a variety of our desks.


Now that your room is decorated perfectly it’s time to get organized!


If you’re turning a multipurpose room into a joint workspace for the whole family, you definitely need to consider storage. HW Home has a range of size and style options to blend seamlessly with your home’s current interior. If you’re looking for a more child-friendly option, try our Tic-Tac-Toe Bookcase. Its whimsical nature will appeal to the kids  and it’s a convenient spot to store all your work/life essentials. Baskets are another great method for storing art supplies, papers, and homework necessities. Putting things away after the family has completed work for the evening will provide the kids with a sense of accomplishment and responsibility.


No matter where you choose to create your family-friendly work spaces, HW Home can select home decor staples that best suit your needs. If you need additional assistance, please visit one of our stores and we are glad to assist.

First Impressions: Your Home’s Entryway


Your entryway sets the tone for your unique design style and is the first thing guests see when they come into your home. So we recommend you you put time and thought into that first impression.


When designing your entryway, plan it out strategically. Because most entryways have size restrictions, first measure your space to ensure any furniture  fits while still allowing guests to move easily into your other living area. If you’re at a loss as to how you’d like to decorate your space, search our “Entryway” Pinterest board for inspiration.

Even with a limited area, you can still accommodate your guests. When decorating a small space, it’s best to choose your largest piece first.  We suggest one of our many stylish benches; these comfortable pieces give visitors a place to sit while they take off their shoes or chat before leaving. One of our standout benches is our Erin Leather Bench; boasts a tufted seat cushion and two accompanying arm bosters in liberty espresso leather to deliver a ruggedly rustic piece.

If your focus is storage over seating, our Smoke and Mirrors Console, with imported mirrored door fronts from Italy and bronze-finished metal on the base and door grille, is sure to generate a conversation in your home.


No entryway is complete without a statement chandelier, and our large selection of eclectic lighting will make it difficult for you to choose just one. When selecting a mirror or two for your entryway, keep in mind that mirrors naturally add the illusion of space to an area. So consider placing the mirror on the opposite wall of windows or doors. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles and shapes; consider pairing this Drum Mirror with modern art or family photos.


Whether you have carpet or wood flooring, you’ll absolutely need a rug to keep the dirt and grime off your floors. And why not do it in style? Our expansive collection of floor coverings adds a pop of color to your entryway while expressing your home’s decorative voice.


No matter the size or style of your entryway, HW Home has everything you need to elevate your space. Stop into one of our stores today to take advantage of our Summer Tag Sale and chat with one of our HW Home team members.

Cocktail Party for Summer

After a long day at the office, there’s nothing as relaxing as a cool, summer beverage in your own home. And although we at HW Home love our happy hour outings, we understand the importance of creating a space that’s conducive to hosting your own backyard cocktail party.


First things, first: the cocktails! If you’re planning a casual event, it’s not necessary to do a ton of planning ahead, but it is imperative to have a variety of drink options on hand. For sultry summer evenings, we suggest you keep it simple and fresh.


Pro-tip:Always make sure you know how to create the mocktail version of your drinks.


If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you know we’re obsessed with rosé; this crisp, affordable wine is perfect to add to cocktails or enjoy by itself. Try a delightful watermelon rosé margarita paired with delectable pesto grilled shrimp. Or, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, enjoy a rosé sangria with bacon-kale-ricotta mini-sammies! Food always helps bring life to your cocktails, so when choosing a menu, make sure to take your drinks into consideration.


Be sure you explore our Pinterest page for additional options.


Since SOLO cups and paper napkins aren’t really our style (not that there’s anything wrong with them!), we set our tables and outdoor spaces with fresh flowers and bright, crisp linens to make our guests feel at ease. After you’ve set your table, it’s time to decorate, using our signature Marble Petal BowlsBanana Leaf Trays, and Ruby Guava martini glasses.


Nothing shows your guests how much you appreciate their company like a well-thought-out cocktail party paired with a beautiful outdoor setting. After you’ve styled your table, take a step back to see if you’ve missed any design elements, if anything is out of place, or if guests may have difficulty reaching the drinks or food. Everything should be easily accessible, elegantly chosen, and speak to the theme of the party.  

No matter what type of backyard summer party you’re planning, HW Home is happy to turn your bubbly visions into a reality. And don’t forget, our Summer Tag Sale is happening right now! Stop by one of our stores to take a look around and chat with our design team.  

It’s Not Too Late to Enjoy Our Summer Tag Sale!

Hot weather and backyard cocktail parties mean HW Home’s Summer Tag Sale is in full swing! The sale runs through September, and because we value our HW Home customers, we have hundreds of products marked down.


Pop into one of our stores or explore our website for that one-of-a-kind item you’ve been searching for. From home accessories to our custom-designed furniture, we have the piece you’ve been eyeing for months, but haven’t committed to purchasing, on sale.


Take a moment to envision walking into your home and falling back into our Chocolate Leather Chair or cozying up with the kids to read them a story in our Chestnut Leather Sofa. Each piece has clean lines, rich leather, and expertly blended comfort and style. If the classic design doesn’t fit your eclectic flair, take a peek at the more contemporary Bijou Three-Seat Sofa and pair it with the high-design of this Mixed Message Chair.


If you’ve already filled your home with HW Home furniture but need those finishing touches, we have a wide variety of lighting and accessories on sale. Liven up your living room with one of our colorful, printed pillowsa delicate lamp, wall sconce, or chandelier; or choose from our hand-crafted selection of side, cocktail, or end tables.


Whether you’re a long-time customer or new to HW Home, this is the perfect time to stop by our stores and explore our showrooms. No matter what beautiful pieces you decide to take home and make your own, the HW team is here to assist you.   

High Point Market Recap

The North Carolina High Point Market, one of the most far-reaching industry trade shows in the world, brings more than 75,000 people to the area twice a year. Our Director of Visual Merchandising, John Wright, attended this past spring and happily reported back.