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HW Home’s First Design Contest

For the first time at HW Home, we opened a floor set competition to our team of talented creatives. In an attempt to freshen up our thinking and engage with staff, we created the “Spring Floor Design Challenge.”


In the past, a floor set falls on one or two team members and takes weeks to plan....

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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Just like you, the team at HW Home loves to spoil our moms and mom-type women in our lives on Mother’s Day. So in honor of the holiday, we wanted to share ideas that are as fabulous, elegant, and thoughtful as our moms deserve.

First rule of motherhood: Long nights and lost sleep. Why not make up...

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HW Home Understands Elegant Outdoor Style

Ready for your next summer soirée?


Planning an upscale outdoor gathering can pose a challenge for even the most organized, so HW Home is here to help you get ready, whether it’s a posh and perfect patio party or a fun and fabulous family BBQ. We have a large selection of outdoor furniture, tab...

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How to Hang Wall Art

Art is one of the most important features when it comes to decorating. Your home’s artwork conveys elements like personal style, drama, worldliness, and color. But hanging pieces to best effect can be complicated. So today, HW Home co-founder Jim H. is helping out with five easy steps for hanging wall art.

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How True by HW Home Goes From Idea to Reality

The development of the True line of furniture by HW Home was born out of necessity. After years of curating well-made and well-designed furnishings crafted by our wonderful manufacturers, the buying team at HW Home determined that not all of our customers’ needs were being fully met. In order to fill this void, we set out to create unique, high-quality furniture. In doing so, we have opened up a world of opportunity for our Colorado company, as well as for our customers.

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Creating Your Ideal Home Office

Whether you work from home, regularly telecommute, or just need a place to occasionally extend your workday, we at HW Home understand. We can assist you in designing a creative, comfortable, and stylish space where you can focus on setting and meeting your goals for you and your family. No one-size-fits-all design will work for every customer, and that’s why HW Home offers a wide range of options, from a busy staging area for bill paying, to homework stations, to a cozy, cerebral study devoted to quiet concentration.

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A Bed Fit For a King, or Queen.

Eloise bed HW Home on Houzz

Getting into bed at the end of a long day. Does anything feel better? Or how about breakfast in bed on a lazy Saturday morning? These scenarios,and many more, are easy to daydream about when you look at the stunning Eloise bed from HW Home.

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Resolution Reinvent: New Year, New Dining Room

Feeling inspired for a “taste” of something new in your home? Kick-off the New Year with a resolution you can accomplish right away: reinvent your dining room with HW Home. You’ll reap the benefits of actual results that you can enjoy for the months ahead – and years to come! 

Creating your new d...

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Hosting for the Holidays with HW Home

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How We Find a Happy Home for Your Old Furniture


sectionals HW Home


Where does old furniture go when its owners no longer need it?

Every year, thousands of Coloradans treat themselves to wonderful new furnishings– king-sized beds, ornate dressers, and beautiful dining tables. And their old items have to  go somewhere, right?

Depressingly, all too often that “somewhere” is the local dumpster. But don’t worry; we’ve found a much happier solution for all your surplus goods.

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